Equipment Leasing Guide for UK Businesses

If you are in the market for new equipment or technology for your business in 2022, but  prefer to reserve your cash and/or current credit lines or you can't afford to buy it, leasing is an option to consider.

Instead of buying the equipment or technology outright, leasing allows you to make smaller monthly payments, typically, over a multiple-year period. At the end of the lease, you usually have the option of simply returning the equipment, or buying it for a price that factors in appreciation and how much you paid over the life of the lease. Among some the benefits of equipment leasing are that: Many lessors don't require a significant down payment. You don't end up with obsolete equipment at the end of the lease.

Equipment leases are often eligible for tax credits. Depending on the lease, you may be able to deduct your payments as a business expense. If you already think equipment leasing is for you, the lessors we recommended to you, and for your particular circumstances, will offer advice of the alternatives. If you are still unsure if equipment leasing is a good option for you, continue reading to learn more about how to get started, the leasing process, the different types of leases and what to consider when looking a lending company. How to get started before you start the process,

It's important to answer the following questions: What is your monthly budget? Leasing offers substantially lower monthly payments in comparison to purchasing. But it still has to be factored into your monthly cash flow. How long will the equipment be used? For short-term use, leasing is almost always the most cost-effective way for businesses to go. If you're using the equipment for three years or more then spreading its cost over it's useful life helps with financial visibility. How quickly will the equipment become obsolete? Technology is more likely to become outdated more quickly than other types of equipment. Consider this before deciding whether a trade-in makes sense for you.

Where we at Onlinelease can help is by saving you time, hassle, confusion and money by sourcing a tailored solution for your business and for the equipment you need by "pointing" you to a lessors that our experience, and expertise, matched as being the most suited for your particular requirements, equipment, budget and trading situation. By all means you could search and then contact multiple lessor and brokers directly yourself and then assess, and compare, their offerings independently - our reputation stands on us being the experts at this. This service is free - we get a referral fee from the lessor/broker only if you are satisfied with the lease arrangement provided. No credit checks are actioned until you have confirmed you wish to proceed with any of the recommendations.

Steps to getting the equipment you need :-

  • 1. Provide broad business and Equipment details via our registration form - click here
  • 2. Wait for our email response (typically only one working day)
  • 3. Review our recommendations
  • 4. Reply, or not, as to whether you wish to proceed
  • 5. The appointed Lessor/Broker may contact you for further details (if needed)
  • 6. Wait for approval (typically one working day)
  • 7. Your Equipment delivered/installed
  • 8. Equipment Supplier's invoice settled, in full, by the lessor/broker and your lease commences
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